Dad Hack: Toddler gets Pea stuck in nose

by Dadegy
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On Reddit one of the users asked about how to remove a Pea that was in their Childs nose.

The Situation:

So at dinner on Friday my lovely 2 year old popped a few peas up his nose whilst I was making him a new drink. I called nhs because one just wouldn’t come out and they sent us to a&e, after HOURS of waiting around and a few failed attempts to get the pea out (I should mention that my son has sensory issues and we had to time out a few times because it all got too much for him to deal with.) we ended up staying the night in the children’s ward with him planned to go down to theatre to get the pea out the next morning.

Never ever would I have guessed he’d be going asleep to have a pea taken out of his nose!

From leaving the ward to coming back was an hour overall and he took 30mins to wake up and have some late lunch and start playing, finally 24hours after the whole ordeal started we got to go home.

So just a word of warning, even though like In my case sometimes they do things we just can’t control and unless I have him follow me everywhere there are times he’s left not supervised, like if I’m making him a new drink for his dinner, but a pea going up the nose can lead to general anaesthetic and a groggy 2 year old!

He’s now doing fine and apart from sneezing quite a lot he’s back to himself!

The Fix

Here’s a Dad Hack courtesy of Reddit user Phil_Kessels_Hot_Dog: My daughter did this twice. , I plugged the other nostril and blew hard into her mouth. Worked like a charm.

Now while this may work, always double check with a medical professional first. That amount of pressure could hurt the child. Regardless this is a pretty ingenious hack for getting out stuck items.


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